The Burnham Family Memory Care Residence, Avery Heights, is located in Hartford, Connecticut, built-in 2017, an award-winning assisted living facility designed by Amenta Emma. Avery Heights is a 45-acre, 10,000 sq. ft, and 26-year-old existing property.

The newly renovated facility accommodates 20 apartments in a human-scale moderate house concept. It features both active and quiet zones. The facility incorporates a functional lighting design with dimmer switches and non-glare luminaries in compensating for deteriorating eyesight. The high-tech, smart lighting control systems enhance occupants’ circadian rhythms. A quiet zone features Shoji screens to allow an intimate moment for occupants to relax and reduce anxiety and agitation.

A private setting family space supports family visitors. The public area provides a fireplace, game place, puzzles area, and dining spaces for the occupants to enjoy their time. Functional circulation avoids any distractions between the staff and the family members. A well-designed pass throughout the country kitchen divides the route between the main entrance. Biophilic design elements with elaborate patterns throughout the interior are crafted with abstract and organic forms and incorporated with natural materials. Warm tones and rich textures help to improve the comfort of seniors suffering from dementia. Outdoor designs are thoughtfully planned: the plantations offer a variety of textures, colors, and scents; the space features divided zones, one for private relaxation and one for a social gathering (Amenta Emma Architect).