Open Office Interior Design:

We Design An Inspiring Place To Reflect An Individual Lifestyle And Preferences, Where It Will Capture A Whimsical Spirit And Transform A Transportive Mood

Complex Space Planning And Rendering:

We Are Competent In Offering Our Clients Highly Complex Space Plannings But Still Capture An Efficient Intuitive Navigation Path For Medium-Sized To Large-Sized Commercial Projects

Senior Living Design:

Senior Living Design Is One Of The Niches We Have Been Practicing. We Can Help You Address The Specific Design Elements To Reflect A Comfortable Environment That Caters To The Seniors.

Hospitality Project:

Bar Design

We Offer A Variety Of Hospitality Project Services. We Can Design A Space That Communicates Intriguing And Engaging Experiences

Hospitality Project:

Lobby Design

The sculpture-looking tree canopy incorporates the central principle of the tree of life, a renewable resource that provides endless possibilities to humanity; these elements are poetically linked with the Energy in Motion flooring provides Ever moving and changing energy, catalyzing an exchange of positive energy between tangible and intangible with purposeful movement of color.