Oriental Restaurant Project


The design features a traditional HongKong stylistic restaurant. Combined with various materials such as wood, metal, and leather, it captures a holistic oriental restaurant effect, and at the same time, it highlights a modern and unique reinterpretation of an oriental restaurant.

Please let us know if you want to design an oriental restaurant because we are confident to utilize our professional skills with our previous experiences to elevate the brand and success of your business.


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The project captured a professional Assisted Senior Living center that was being developed on the tropical island of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The concept of “Wonderland”, inspired by the regional cultural context and elements, was utilized to drive the design that fulfilled the client’s requirements.
There are a total of three levels. Level one and Level two, where most public places are located, such as restaurant, regional center, grand stair, lobby, lounge/library, multipurpose space, salon, and reception were the most focused areas for this project.


Presidio District, San Francisco, CA

The project highlighted a mixed-use property located on the southern side of Golden gate, an evolutionary historical military post, which was first founded by the American Indians, and established as a Spanish fort in 1776. Through deep analysis, the concept of Cultivating was thoughtfully devised to reflect the National Geographic Society’s philosophy and cultural context. Cultivating was the central string leading the design throughout the spaces, which was fundamentally executed to reflect the concept and echo each area as a unified theme. Elements were conceived to highlight the concept with an aesthetic and functional approach.


Presidio District, San Francisco, CA

The open workspace was again illuminated by the biophilic patterns, capturing the free movements with flowing objects helping to push an organic and unobstructed environment. A passionate atmosphere is encouraged through each element, the green wall, the chandeliers, and the sofas all there to stimulate an uplifting moment


185 Channel St, Mission Bay Area, San Francisco, CA

The design for this multifunctional restaurant is inspired by the client’s exceptional experiences, wishes, and location. The Community Garden Restaurant is in the Mission Bay, San Francisco. The weather is relatively sunny, and it has mixed demographics of many races. Tony Riviera has forward-thinking plans to support and educate the local community. From his ambitious ideas, the design starts with strategic planning and concept development.
Nature plays a big part in the narrative and pushes all the boundaries from various angles. A lifestyle of healthy planting and eating is involved with full social interaction as primary elements of the community restaurant. Foods have influential powers to bring people together and revolutionize the design theme to an ecological, sustainable, and biophilic level. Nature and community lifestyle account for the profound motivations for the theme of the design.


13 Wood Street, San Francisco, CA

The project highlights each individual need of the clients and features well-thought functionalities and styles in reflecting the client’s requirements.
Through the process, the design perpetually addresses the fundamental necessities for Mariotto’s residence. The problem-solving design started with full-scale research on an affordable housing project for a low-income community. The impactful research helped the project greatly in terms of possible daily activities for the special needs of the renters. After studying the project summary and program requirements, the design started with brainstorming a conceptual process in mood board development featuring Zen living, sleek, contemporary, and Scandinavian getaway in bringing natural, simplistic, and functional elements into each unit. It further encompasses a touch of luxury with Art Deco influence to highlight an elegant and modern approach to the girl’s room.