Floor Plan Rendering And Space Planning:

Throughout The Process Of The Design, We Will Offer Our Clients A Rendered Floor Plan In Helping Clients To Visualize The Composition, Materials, And Texture Of The Plan

Living Room and Dining Room Interior Design:

The Living and dining rooms feature captivating wallpaper, a sculpture-looking dining room chandler, a TV stand/Fireplace, accent chairs, and impactful area rugs.

Deck Design:

We changed the floor material to tile to reflect the organic wallpaper we chose for the interior feature wall, this establishes a connection between indoor and outdoor; we also changed the seating to a more durable, unique, and modern look. In addition, we chose to flush the ceiling with outdoor ceiling wood planks to capture a natural luxury; lastly, we brought plants to elevate the space and simultaneously bring natural refreshing elements into the space.

Bathroom Design

The bathrooms are conceived with thoughtful arrangements and are designed with spacious bathtubs and shower places. Second, the kitchen and living areas are arranged close to the entrance for a smooth path and oriented toward the east for morning natural lighting. It also features a tall cabinet and a large refrigerator. Third, the bedrooms, which are close to the bathroom and closets are designed facing south and southwest with flooding natural sun lighting. Furthermore, the Linen, laundry, and coat closet are designed with the client’s requirements close to the living room and entrance.

Kitchen Design

The dining room and kitchen are anchored with a contemporary wooden dining table, enhanced with an elegant dining chair, and decorated with a chick and warm chandelier. The kitchen’s stylistic finishes contrast and balance with the living room and dining room creating an intriguing and cohesive space. The kitchen features two set colors of frameless contemporary cabinet door panels and a light blue granite slab in matching with a dark blue backsplash. The area rug helps to define and elevate the dining area