Accessory Dwelling Units-ADUs, are highly creative and effective solutions for solving the house sortage crisis around our neighborhood and country, especially in California. ADUs have been known by many names, granny flats, in-law units, backyard cottages, secondary units, etc. ADU, in general, can add much-needed usefulness for every family when comes to housing issues. It will increase the value of your houses and also provide a beneficial income and daily living spaces. It is cost-effective to build an ADU and it can bring a stable income for homeowners.

QUH Studio will help you to design and draft the plans for ADU, and also provide you with our expertise on materials for your next ADU projects.

QUH Studio’s latest ADU designs and drafting architecture plan services. The Projects are Located in Palmdale CA. From the program stages, we carefully listened to the owners’ needs and preferences and designed structures that reflected their essentials and fashions.
If you need our services to design your dream ADU, please get in touch with us anytime! We look forward to working on your project!